Sega unveils SolSeraph, an Actraiser-like fusing management and side-scrolling action

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Sega has made the surprise announcement of SolSeraph, a new retro-inspired game that fuses side-scrolling hack and slash combat with top-down strategy. Players take on the role of Helios, the child of both god and man, come to save humankind by growing a tribe’s village and battling away against the invading monsters.

It is, I’m reliably informed, a big throwback to cult SNES game ActRaiser. I’ve never played that game though, to be honest, but looking at some of the old footage I can definitely see how these comparisons are being made. ActRaiser is exactly the same blend of 2D side-scrolling action and town-management that we see here in SolSeraph, so no doubt fans of the old-school will get a kick out of this.

SolSeraph is being developed by AceTeam, the Chilean developer behind the likes of Rock of Ages and Abyss Odyssey. They’ve got a fair bit of experience in this realm then, and SolSeraph is looking as if it could be shaping up to be a fun, if unabashedly old-school, time.

SolSeraph is headed to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on July 10th, priced at $14.99.