Agent 47 is heading to the Big Apple in Hitman 2’s first expansion, out tomorrow

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Hitman 2 (2018)
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Ah, Agent 47, you still live. Hitman 2 was a great game possibly released at the wrong time, failing to linger in the backs of our minds for very long. The excellent sandbox assassination sim is being thrust back into the spotlight this week though, with one more chance of stardom, courtesy of the newly unveiled New York level.

The New York location is the first expansion pass locale for Hitman 2, providing a high-tech (and high-security) bank. Agent 47 won’t be making off with gold bullions though. He’s going into one of the most highly protected places on earth for a spot of cash-for-kills hitman work.

As ever with these new locales, Hitman 2 – New York will provide a main new ‘Golden Handshake’ campaign mission to work through, as well as location mastery, special challenges, unlocks, and contracts. Each individual level takes about 10 to 15 hours to earn maximum mastery, so you do get a fair chunk of content for your money.

Hitman 2 – New York is available tomorrow (June 25th) and is included as part of the Expansion Pass and Expansion Pack 1.