Final Fantasy 8 Remaster includes PC exclusive features, 4K and triple-speed battle support

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Final Fantasy VIII Remastered
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Square Enix has revealed some fresh details about what we can expect from the newly announced Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. Not to be confused with the Final Fantasy VII Remake, FF8 Remastered is an up-rezzed, slightly tweaked version of the classic JRPG.a

The remaster of the second greatest PS1 Final Fantasy (accept your crown, FFIX) makes a few nice concessions for modern-day players. First and foremost, sitting through the painfully long battle animations can now be sped up to triple speed. As well as this, players will have the option to permanently enable Battle Enhancements such as Max HP or ATB Gauge, along with disabling all random encounters if you want to get somewhere in a hurry.

Interestingly, the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered also comes with some exclusive features which aren’t available for the console editions. It sounds like an officially sanctioned cheat engine, allowing players to unlock all items, abilities, spells, and cards, as well as unlock infinite money or max your magic out. All these things in conjunction should significantly reduce the grind. We’d imagine a once 60-hour game can probably be brought down to 20-30 hours with these new systems.

Of course, it’s not just the gameplay enhancements which help FFVIII Remaster stand out – Square Enix is touting enhanced visuals and high-resolution support.

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered is coming to PC and consoles later in 2019.