Steel Division 2 launches with trailer, offers 1:1 scale recreation of WW2’s Eastern Front

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Steel Division 2
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A salute please, for Steel Division 2 has finally launched after umpteen delays. Developer Eugen Systems are flying solo for this one, having leaned on Paradox for publishing duties with the original.

Steel Division 2 touts 1:1 scale army management as its USP, which is a pretty damned impressive feat. Thousands of troops are under a player’s command, battling across maps scaling hundreds of kilometres. Solo players will be greeted by the new turn-based Dynamic Strategic Campaigns. This is basically Steel Division 2’s version of the cigar-chomping war room. Push the figures around, strategise, and then head into the dirty business of real-time tactics during the actual battles.

Steel Division 2 is out on PC right now. Be sure to check out the fairly high PC specs before splashing the cash though, while Eugen has also revealed a Steel Division 2 launch trailer which provides a nice overview of the goodies in store.

We’re in the process of trying to snag a review code but the folks at Eugen Systems are like phantoms. Fingers crossed they pull through though, as we’re keen to see what Steel Division 2 is all about.