Rainbow Six Quarantine beta test signups are now open

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Rainbow Six: Quarantine
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One of the more mysterious games revealed Ubisoft’s E3 2019 live showcase was Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine. With the incredible success of Siege, we thought we were done with surprises for the Rainbow Six series for a good while. Throwing all those beloved Operators into space, in battles against a mutated alien parasite? Well, we certainly didn’t see that coming.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft’s teaser for Rainbow Six Quarantine was scant on the details. We do know it’s a three-player tactical co-op shooter versus AI, featuring a mutated alien parasite that is capable of infecting human hosts. Unique Operators and destructible environments are likely to be key, although there is zero gameplay to view just yet. However, selected players are going to be given a chance to go hands-on with a R6: Quarantine beta test. Sign-ups are now live and you can pick from all three release platforms – PC, PS4, and Xbox  One.

Ubisoft hasn’t said when the Rainbow Six Quarantine test will actually begin, so you could have a fair wait on your hands, but you can register your interest now for “a chance to play Rainbow Six Quarantine early”. The only prerequisite is you have a Ubisoft/Uplay account to log-in with.

You can sign up to the Rainbow Six Quarantine beta test here.

As for what we do know, all we have is the briefest of teaser trailers as well as a little behind-the-scenes developer breakdown that explains a few of the choices, such as why the Siege Operators return.