Up For Debate – How many games have you beaten so far this year?


Plenty of video games come and go, and I suspect most of us buy plenty more than we ever get around to playing. It’s all too easy to build up a monstrous library of cheap games, particularly on PC, but actually finding time to play them all is a different matter.

I should think all of you on here are gamers (the clue’s in the name) but as we get older, or situations change, it can begin more difficult to play as many games as we used to. But, try we must, and to be honest I’m still smashing through games these days. In fact, I’m probably finishing more games than ever before as they’re easier, more approachable, and I’m a little less fickle than I was in my youth.

I’m also one of those saddos that keeps spreadsheets, you see, taking note of everything I’ve managed to see through to the end (or what I deem to be ‘the end’). I’ve notched up just over 600 games completed, if I’ve remembered to put them all in, and managed to burn through 23 so far this year. It probably puts me on course for about 35-40 for the entire year, although I’m getting sucked into some massive stuff right now.

It’s been a fantastic year for me though, with some of the highlights I’ve played so far including Sekiro, Spider-Man, Divinity: Original Sin, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Outer Wilds, and Super Mario Maker 2 contributing to a solid seven months of playing for me so far. The only thing I’ve been particularly disappointed by was Metro Exodus. While it was pretty decent, it definitely didn’t reach the levels I was expecting from what was touted as a major evolution of the franchise.

23 though, which ain’t bad, but a lot of these are because I’m reviewing games. If I weren’t, I imagine the figure would be a lot lower. I find myself getting stuck into a lot more ongoing games these days, whether that’s a bit of Rocket League, firing up some PUBG, or grinding away in FFXIV. 

So, how’s it going for you, have you found your game playing habits changing lately? How many games have you completed so far this year? Do you tend to try and finish every game you start, or are you quick to drop it as soon as your interest begins to fade? 

Let us know below how your 2019 of gaming is going so far!