Walmart removing all violent video game adverts but you can still buy guns over the counter


In a completely ass-backward turn of events, Walmart has instructed its employees to remove all signage, demo stations, and other displays for all entertainment products, including games, which promote or feature violence. The big move comes after a mass shooting took place in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

US President Donald Trump took aim at “gruesome and grizzly video games” following the horrific turn of events, pointing the finger of blame at the video game and entertainment issues rather than his own blatant pandering to white supremacist propaganda. 

These new measures from Walmart are the first ripple of effect, advising employees to take immediate action and “Remove Signing and Displays Referencing Violence.” The full statement to employees suggests they “review your store for any signing or displays that contain violent images or aggressive behavior. Remove from the sales floor or turn off these items immediately.”

This includes and game display consoles, whether playable or otherwise, which depict any violent video games. They also ask employees to cancel any events promoting combat or third-person shooter games, display no movies which portray violence, and turn off any hunting season videos which may be playing in the sporting goods section of Walmart.

It’s going to make it tough for some of the big games to get in front of consumer’s faces. We’d imagine a ton of copies of Call of Duty go through Walmart and now they’ll be hidden away like some sort of grubby secret.

In a frankly depressing turn of events though, Walmart will not be changing any of its policies in terms of customers being able to purchase over-the-counter firearms. Violent media is out, yet the very weapons used to cause this senseless loss of life are still very much in. 

I can only imagine how hopelessly frustrating this is to actual Americans opposed to lax gun laws as it’s wildly obvious to the rest of the globe which problem is the top priority. Ease of access to guns and the rise of white supremacism are quite clearly to blame for the alarming numbers of mass shooters but video games are handily becoming the easiest scapegoat.