EA drops Volta street football trailers for FIFA 20, includes 6-hour story mode

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For those who aren’t ardent fans, trying to pick out the differences from game to game in the FIFA franchise can be a fruitless exercise. They’re there alright, but only for those of us who spend hours upon hours kicking digital balls in the back of the onion bag. One of the standout changes for FIFA 20 though is Volta, an all-new reinvention of street football.

It’s basically an enhanced FIFA Street rolled into FIFA 20, which sounds like a fantastic addition, to be honest. No doubt there’ll be the usual folks saying nothing’s changed but this could be an enticing new mode which places a greater emphasis on skills and tricks. It’s FIFA’s answer to Rocket League, providing tight new arenas for learning flicks and feints ready to transfer this into the main game. Hopefully the control systems aren’t totally different or my practice will be for naught.

Another big change for Volta is it adds a 6-hour story campaign to FIFA 20. Separate from all that ‘The Journey’ guff, FIFA 20 Volta is a series of challenges around the globe, competing in 3v3, 4,v4, and 5v5 street football. You build a custom character who gains skills and reputation from match to match, evolving into a specific type of street footballer.

In addition to the story mode, players can Volta Kick-Off (single matches), Volta Tour (online mode against community-created teams) and Volta League (an online seasons mode against other players).

FIFA 20 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 27.