GreedFall’s gameplay overview trailer demonstrates the deep role-playing elements

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GreedFall is one of those sub-AAA games which has definitely piqued my interest. Spiders’ track record is all over the place in terms of quality, but I’m cautiously optimistic GreedFall is where it all comes together to deliver a top-notch RPG.

The fantasy colonial setting definitely ticks a lot of boxes, opening the door to plenty of varied environments and an explorer vibe which goes hand in hand with settlers arriving at a new land. Set on the island of Teer Fradee, GreedFall presents players with the ability to build a completely custom character and forge their own path, with player choice at the heart of the adventure.

A new gameplay overview trailer for GreedFall provides a handy look at what it’s all about, from combat to exploration, stealth to silver-tongued charm. “Your decisions will shape the future of the new world and the old, and so GreedFall provides you with the freedom to make them,” says publisher Focus Home Interactive. “Don the armor of an enemy faction to pose as one of their own or use your diplomatic talents to influence the powerful elite; these are just some of the opportunities you’ll be given in GreedFall.”

The one fear remaining is GreedFall’s combat is perhaps lacking somewhat. Anyone who’s lurched through Vampyr will know how frustrating weak combat systems can be, lacking the heft and bite which other RPGs serve up these days. Still, it’s difficult to tell without going hands-on ourselves and the tactical pause option definitely gives us cause to hope. 

GreedFall is sailing towards a September 10th launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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“Looks like a great combination of Fable, Gothic and Dragon age! Bring it on… i have been waiting for good old school rpg like this.”

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