Following Fire Emblem success, Koei Tecmo announce Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV
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If, for whatever reason, Total War: Three Kingdoms didn’t quite scratch that historical strategy itch, the ever-industrious Koei Tecmo is back with another take courtesy of the newly-announced Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV. The grand strategy sequel has been announced off the back of Koei Tecmo knocking it out of the park with Fire Emblem: Three Houses so they could be on a hot streak.

The last one of these we had was back in 2016 so they’ve had a fair whack of time to rethink a few systems. RoTTK:XIV is once again a tactical title set during the fall of the Han Dynasty in ancient China. Tensions are high and various warlords are vying for control of the sprawling landmass. Three Kingdoms XIV pays homage to the original 1985 PC game with a new simplified colour scheme, while Koei Tecmo has opted to use the ruler-based system from RTK9 and RTK11. 

According to KT, these changes mean every single action (domestic, political and battle) will take place on a single map. Each of the officers from the Three Kingdoms will also be more unique and excel in particular situations. They’re also touting quite a rarity these days – Evolved Artificial intelligence. This has been designed to “challenge players across repeated playthroughs”, effectively trying to ensure new tactics and strategies are required depending on how the AI evolves.

We have got a little trailer as well, although it’s more of a glorified history of the franchise than an actual peek at RTK 14. 

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV is currently scheduled for a western release in early 2020 on both PC (via Steam) and the PlayStation 4.