Sweeney says wider release of Epic Games Store cloud saves this week, more updates to come

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Video games very own cartoon villain, Tim Sweeney, has been talking up some future updates to the Epic Games Store. Since the store launch in 2018, calling it feature-light would be fairly generous. Epic did outline a robust roadmap of updates, although it’s failed to implement nearly all of the planned changes for the last three months. However, cloud saves have begun rolling out for a very limited selection of games and Sweeney has now promised additional support for cloud saves will be coming over the next week.

Responding to a bizarrely over-aggressive tweet from someone that probably needs some perspective in their life, Sweeney said “We’ll be making further improvements to reduce duplicate account creation. Cloud Saves are live for several games and will expand soon. Other features are coming.”

Responding to a claim from the said person that “Fortnite’s dying”, Sweeney also confirmed “Fortnite is going strong. The most recent in-game event came close to its all-time peak concurrency record.”

The plan is to have a wider cloud save rollout next week, all depending on whether any issues are encountered with the select few games which currently have the feature enabled. 

We know as well that building a store page for a single game can take as long as a week, and there are precious few tools for developers to provide updates, news, or otherwise discuss and promote their products within the store itself. On that front, Sweeney has said Epic will be introducing more automation for game submission (rather than 100% manual), as well curation and deeper search functionality so it becomes easier to find games as the store catalogue grows. On this subject, discoverability becomes a greater priority as the service grows. Right now, just about every game can fit on the front page but this obviously won’t be the case once Epic secures a higher volume of games. 

Changes are coming then, albeit slowly. Sweeney continues to be a divisive figure with his messaging, although he sure does have to put up with a fair chunk of frankly pathetic personal abuse. It certainly doesn’t help matters when he rocks up and says the tone of the Ooblets EGS exclusivity announcement “WAS AWESOME!”. It wasn’t, it was provocative and condescending and certainly doesn’t help endear either the developer or Epic at a time when they could probably do without more hate coming their way.