Mario Tennis Aces is free-to-play this week for Nintendo Switch Online players


If you’ve got a Nintendo Switch, and you’re an absolute heathen who isn’t playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and you’re scratching around for games to play (a lot of stars need to align here), then help is at hand. Nintendo has announced it will be running a free trial for Mario Tennis Aces this week. 

From Wednesday, August 7th, through to Tuesday, August 13th, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can download and play Mario Tennis Aces for free. It’s normally £50 here so that’s quite a good get. Players can carry on after the trial and keep their progress by upgrading to the full game, which will be 33% off until August 20th.

If, like me, you’re not all that arsed about the prospect of playing Mario Tennis Aces online, then this week gives you plenty of time to download Mario Tennis and complete the story mode without spending a penny. How Long To Beat says it clocks in at around five hours so it’s definitely doable.

Anyway, this appears to be the first in a planned series of Game Trials for Nintendo. They’re an opportunity to go hands-on with a game. Try before you buy. Or a ‘demo’, as us old-fashioned folks knew them as.