Sci-fi MMORTS Starborne’s new alpha server goes live, game hits 90,000 players

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Ambitious sci-fi MMORTS Starborne is about to roll out its third server as part of Open Alpha 9, introducing a fresh playground for this massively multiplayer real-time strategy game set in the depths of space. 

The concept of Starborne is pretty simple – thousands of players get chucked into a huge galaxy, build an empire from small beginnings, form alliances, and try to wrestle control of the galaxy during matches which stretch for eight weeks. It’s running 24/7, whether you’re at your PC or not. It’s F2P, which obviously raises the dreaded spectre of in-game purchases, but Solid Clouds has said everything which can be bought can be earned, while gating will prevent advancing too far through purchases. Take that for what you will.

I messed around a fair bit with Starborne back when it first launched and let me tell you, if you want to absolutely savage your productivity, here is your jam. That was back in the early days and it seemed mighty addictive even before the years of improvements they’ve added, so I should Starborne is a fairly lethal strategy cocktail these days.

Anyway, Starborne is the work of Solid Clouds, a studio comprised of a number of ex CCP (Eve Online) developers, and also based in Iceland. Over the last four years they’ve been busy building the alpha project up, allowing players to conquer through political intrigue; explorers to earn riches from traveling to the depths of space, and of course real-time spaceship battles.

Solid Clouds has provided a new video for Starborne, calling it the “greatest game you’ve never heard of”. I’ll leave you to make your own mind up on that, but from what I’ve played it certainly does a solid job of presenting a stripped down version of EVE’s ridiculously complex sci-fi strategising.