Borderlands 3’s second planet revealed – Promethea is a war-torn metropolis under siege

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Borderlands 3
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Gear has finally revealed the second of the four planets we’ll be visiting during Borderlands 3’s globe-hopping campaign. The first is good old Pandora of course, but we’ll also be leaving both Pandora and its moon behind for a trip to… Promethea.

Promethea is home to the Atlas corporation, one of the key weapons manufacturers in Borderlands, each featuring signature pearl handles. They’ve got some beastly guns but what’s their home planet like? 

Well, in contrast to the arid, inhospitable rock that is Pandora, Promethea is a metropolitan world filled with gleaming glass skyscrapers. It’s now a war zone though, so best tread carefully. The Maliwan have laid siege, rodent/insects known as Ratches now plague the alleys, and the Children of the Vault are a group of revolutionaries eyeing up seizing control. It looks like a snazzy place to explore, even if there is the whiff of Crackdown 3 to its towering chrome structures.

Anyway, Gearbox has dropped a bunch of snaps plucked straight from Promethea, looking like the family holiday photo album from hell.

Borderlands 3 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 13th.