This War of Mine, Moonlighter, Alan Wake and For Honor all free on the Epic Store

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There are a few juicy Epic Games Store freebies up for grabs right now. Obviously, some of you will be vehemently opposed to all things Epic Games and so this won’t really apply to you (why are you here, you crazy fools?) but, over the course of the next week, you’ll be able to grab four free games to keep courtesy of Epic’s bottomless pockets.

First up are indie dungeon-delving/shopkeeping gem Moonlighter and the exercise in abject misery that is This War of Mine. Moonlighter is a great little top-down Zelda-like with rogue-like elements and the twist that you’re a shopkeeper looking to sell vital goods to would-be adventurers. 

This War of Mine, meanwhile, is from 11 bit Studios, the folks behind Frostpunk. It’s a grim tale of a war-torn city in which you play as a group of civilians trying to survive with little food, no medicine, and the threat of being killed at any moment. This War of Mine is one of those games where you feel like you’ve failed no matter what choice you make; everything’s a dilemma.

Both of those games are available for free right now, up until August 2nd. All you need is an Epic Games account and then add them to your basket check out.

And then, from August 2nd, you’ll be able to get your mitts on another pair of freebies – Alan Wake and For Honor. Alan Wake’s worth about 50p now considering how many times it’s been on sale, but if you haven’t played Remedy’s last great game then it’s definitely worth at least checking out. And For Honor, well, you know all about For Honor. It seems it’s quietly making some bank for Ubisoft as it’s continued to receive new seasons of content and whatnot since launch.

You’ve got from August 2nd to August 9th to grab Alan Wake and For Honor.