The Division 2’s first post-launch Episode released – D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions

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The Division 2
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Like a ton of Ubisoft games, The Division 2 is one of those titles which feels like it came and went without a splash and yet Ubisoft has claimed it’s the bestselling game of the entire year. A bucketload of folks are surely still playing it then, and a brief respite from the loot grind is now on its way. 

Ubisoft has just released Update 1 for The Division 2, the first of many planned content updates for the co-op shooter. If you’ve bought the Year 1 Pass then you can begin playing right now, while everyone else will get access in 7 days’ time. 

The Division 2 Episode 1 includes a pair of new main story missions set in National Zoo and out in the wilderness, as well as an all-new PvE game mode dubbed ‘Expeditions’. These take players on a chopper to new Investigation Areas where you’ll find new collectibles, puzzles, treasure rooms, bosses, and offer bits and bobs.

Another welcome addition in this update is the introduction of Discovery difficult. Those struggling to even find a group for the Operation Dark Hours raid can now toggle this difficulty to allow matchmaking and an easier version of the raid. The only downside is the raid gear sets won’t drop.

Finally, there’s all the usual tweaks and changes which are delved into exhaustively in the patch notes, alongside a pair of new weapons to let rip with – the Carbine-7 assault rifle and the Stoner light machine gun.