Madden NFL 20 gameplay launch trailer shows off the new additions

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Madden NFL 20
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The football where 95% of the players barely use their feet is back. Madden NFL 20 is out on August 2nd, or July 25th for those subbed to EA Access. For the second year running, Madden NFL is coming to PC after a long absence, as well as the usual console editions.

An imminent release date means only one thing of course – launch trailer time. The Madden NFL 20 official gameplay launch trailer digs into some of the new additions for this year’s outing. This includes Superstar X-Factor abilities for the best players, iconic moves and animations, and all-new playbook updates for the tactically minded.

To my untrained eye, it looks a heck of like Madden NFL 20, although my experience with FIFA tells me this almost definitely isn’t the case. Hardcore fans will be able to pick out any of the changes with ease, particularly related to gameplay refinements. 

In terms of the core game modes though, Madden NFL 20 is definitely sporting a makeover. Out goes Longshot, in comes a brand new career mode in which players rise from being college quarterback right on up to the NFL Combine, NFL Draft and, if the wind blows in your favour, becoming a starting quarterback for an actual NFL team.

EA Sports are using a new Scenario Engine which dynamically generates an ongoing story with procedurally generated scenarios and challenges which could get in the way of your meteoric rise. They’re promising this makes every playthrough unique, although the proof of the egg-shaped pudding will be in the eating.

In typically confusing form, Madden NFL 20 is out on July 25th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. EA Access subscribers get to up to 10 hours of playtime for this week, while Origin Access Premier subs on PC get unfettered access. Then, finally, the rest of us scrubs can play Madden NFL 20 in full from August 2nd. I really do despise these messed up release schedules these days, in case you couldn’t tell.