Up For Debate – What are your most controversial gaming opinions?


Opinions. Everyone’s got them, and most of them are bad. Or, at least, I think they are. Or you think they are. I don’t really know anymore. Mine are definitely all good though. That’s the beauty of my own opinions. I can just sit there and nod along all day in agreement with myself. Most people would probably want to chuck me in the bin if they heard them all though.

For a lot of topics, a lot of us probably all think along the same lines. The vast majority of people who’ve played The Witcher 3 would probably say it’s at least ‘Good’. CD Projekt RED tried hard, bless them. That’s only a majority though, and there will also be a minority who believe The Witcher 3 sucks Botchling ass. No one’s right or wrong here, although the folks who don’t like it could certainly consider their opinion controversial.

So here we’re setting up a bit of an arena. A chance for you to release that burden of guilt and unleash your most terrible opinions. You’ll need the self-awareness to know they’re bad, of course, but that’s all part of the fun.

I’ll get the ball rolling with a few of mine. I’ll keep them gaming-related though, no matter how much I want to tell you all that each and every person who uses an umbrella should be rounded up and imprisoned. The larger the umbrella, the longer the sentence. Anyway, where was I? Ok, my controversial gaming opinions, let’s go:

Skyrim is so average it’s almost mean. I prefer multiplayer gaming to single-player these days. I quite enjoy opening a loot box. I believe Battlefield V is a far better game than Battlefield 3 I honestly don’t have a problem with the Epic Games Store (but I do with the messaging). I think we should try paid mods again. Watch Let’s Plays is a bit odd and very boring.

Phew. That feels good to get that off my chest. Slinging a few skeletons out my closet with these. Please, lay the hell into me in the comments section below.

And now it’s over to you fine lot. Cast off the same – what your most controversial gaming opinions? Share your finely-honed bait below!

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“if your telling me that there are more MaxPayne games to come and that they go all the way till 95 then I say OH THANK THE MELTING PIZZA GOD humanity has hope andscrew you global warming immortality here I come!! even if its under water..!!”

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