Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is coming to an Epic cantina near you on August 13 – New trailer

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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw
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Giddy up space cowboys, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has a release date on PC. The prequel to 2015’s Rebel Galaxy will be arriving as a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store from August 13th. They’ve slapped a $30 price tag on it which seems reasonable enough, and a console version on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch will be following a few months later.

In Rebel Galaxy Outlaw you play as June Markev, a space pilot who’s out of cash and out of luck. Facing a big debt and with a killer on his tail, Markev heads out on his trust steel star steed to take on missions for a quick buck. Rebel Galaxy’s world is filled with cops, pirates, and assorted lowlifes, wearing its Wild West influences firmly on its sleeves.

Players will have access to an array of ships (provided they’ve got the cash), each of which can be equipped with a choice of weapons, armour, and gadgets, and as well as a custom paint job. Interstellar space wieners ahoy.

The original was actually pretty awesome, setting down an interesting, addictive template from which Rebel Galaxy Outlaw can hopefully build.