Rage 2 Update 2 lands July 25th with Ironman Mode, Ultra-Nightmare Difficulty and more

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Rage 2
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Avalanche and id Software are continuing to pump out updates for Rage 2, including a second major update on July 25th which adds a trio of new ways to play the open-world shooter – New Game+, Iron Man, and Ultra-Nightmare difficulty.

Ironman Mode and Ultra-Nightmare difficulty are both pretty much self-explanatory. Ironman will challenge masochistic types to beat Rage 2 without dying, while Ultra-Nightmare will be an ultra-hard new difficulty. Combine the two and, well, you’ve got a hair-pulling time.

The Rage 2 development team has also announced a small raft of improvements coming Rage 2’s way, including skippable Ark tutorial, a new flashlight for those of us not equipped with the vision of the cat, and numerous other “fixes and quality of life improvements.”

From my time with Rage 2, I have to say it had all the potential to be a great game but really came up lacking in terms of world design, narrative, and overall atmosphere. Still, Id Software’s capable hands meant the shooting was always fantastic. Hopefully, these post-launch updates can go some way to remedying the issues that exist, although there’s the niggling feeling the ship has already sailed on this one.