New Nintendo Switch with upgraded battery announced and Luigi’s Mansion 3 dated


It’s become a busy Wednesday for Nintendo with the Japanese giant announcing yet another revision for its Switch console alongside a global release date for, in my totally 100% unbiased opinion, the impending game of the year – Luigi’s Mansion 3.

First up then,  the new and revised Switch. There have been rumours batted around for months now that we’d be getting a budget version and a premium version of the Switch. Last week, Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch Lite. This week, we’ve got the Switch HAC-001(-01). It’s not quite as snappy, we know, but this revision of the standard Switch is designed to replace the current model rather than offer a superior alternative.

To that end, the new Switch will be exactly the same price as the current Switch in whatever country you happen to be in. The benefit of the benefit is a dramatically improved battery life, lifting it from the 2.5 to 6 hours of the previous model up to 4.5 – 9 hours for the new model. The variation in battery life depends on the demands of the game and the brightness settings used. Nintendo’s claimed the new model can play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for about five and a half hours.

Ironically then, Nintendo has announced a new  Switch a week after the portable device was announced, only this new one has better battery life. Never change, Nintendo.

Aside from the battery, little is known about what’s actually changed for this revision. We have to assume the Nintendo Switch HAC-001(-01) is powered by the same updated Nvidia Tegra SoC as the lite. Greater power efficiency means a longer-lasting battery.

When will the Nintendo Switch Revision be available to purchase?

It will be released in August/September 2019 and will vary by territory.

How much will the Nintendo Switch Lite cost?

The Switch revision will cost the same as the standard Switch in all territories. This currently means £279 in the UK and $299 in the States.

Suffice to say, if you’re planning on picking up a Nintendo Switch anytime soon then it may be worth waiting until August/September for this upgraded Switch to begin rolling out. It’s the exact same price but almost double the battery life. All you need to do is look out for an all-red box to signify the new version.

But enough of all that, the main event is Luigi’s Mansion 3. Nintendo has confirmed the horror adventure will be coming to Switch on an appropriately ghoulish date – October 31st. Now I know what my plans are for Halloween.