Total War 3 Kingdoms DLC, Eight Princes, Releases on 8th August

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Total War: Three Kingdoms – Eight Princes
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The popular Total War Three Kingdoms gets its next DLC, the chapter pack called 8 Princes and it releases on 8th August.

Move forward a generation from the original TW 3 Kingdoms and its the year 291CE. The Jin Dynasty are divided again, despite a unification achieved by you in the original game. You did manage to unify the Kingdoms right? Well as they say, civil war is only ever a heartbeat away. And we now have a land filled with power hungry princes vying for control over the empire.

You can stand by the Emperor, or capitalise on the chaos and strike out for the seat yourself?

Unsurprisingly this chapter pack introduces 8 legendary princes, each with a unique play style and set of traits and units.

The TW 3 Kingdoms Eight Princes chapter pack also includes

A completely new campaign that begins a hundred years following the original Three Kingdoms period began There will be eight new playable legendary princes, each with a completely different playstyle There will be new unique buildings, assignments and court options  The Princes will be able to enlist new elite units, like the cataphracts catapults There will be 4 new alignments that will influence trade and diplomacy – Wealth, Spirit, Might, and Mind There will also be public order adjustments and the way faction-rank is applied to better portray this new campaign

Total War Three Kingdoms will release on 8th August on Steam priced at £6.99. There is a 10% discount for anyone picking this DLC up before the release date.