Greedfall To Release on September 10th

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The development studio, Spiders, are masters at making games look amazing. Their next title is Greedfall and we are informed that it will release on September 10th.

Hmm, why is that date and period so interesting? Well the start of September is a prime time for new releases. And this year we have Gears 5 releasing on the 10th september, along with eFootball PES 2020 and Mechwarriors 5. A few days later is Borderlands 3. So that is certainly a time when you are probably running a risk of being overshadowed a bit. Even GRID 2019, who were scheduled to release on 10th Sept, slipped their release date back a month.

Well so far the brave Greedfall are sticking with their newly announced release date of 10th September and we of course wish them all the best.

What is the game Greedfall all about? Greedfall is a roleplaying game where you forge the destiny of a world that is seeping with magic and fantastic creatures. 

Greedfall looks interesting stating that players can complete quests and objectives in a number of different ways including diplomacy, stealth deception and of course combat.