Here’s your first look at Roach in The Witcher Netflix series

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The Witcher III
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While the angry bunch has been getting its knickers in a twist about Fringilla’s ethnicity, or something equally benign, the real big question concerning The Witcher series on Netflix is what our good girl Roach will look like.

Well, our prayers have been answered. Netflix has dropped the first still of Geralt of Rivia’s horse. Look, these things are important. Roach, you’ll doubtless be pleased to know, looks exactly how fans of the games and the books would expect her to look.

To be honest, I don’t know how long I can talk about a horse. She’s got that distinctive white snout we’ve come to expect from Roach, and she’s, er, brown and horsey. Neigh.

Most importantly though, Roach and Geralt look pretty good together. They’re a strong combination and Henry Cavill is gradually looking more and more the part of the titular Witcher. He’s even got the hilt of his second sword dangling down the flank of Roach. Now we just need to get Roach caught on a rock or floating in mid-air and the picture is complete.

Fingers crossed, but The Witcher should be coming to Netflix later in 2019.

What do you make of Roach? Does Henry Cavill look the part astride her? Let us know below?