Gears 5 will have 60Hz server tick rate and ‘Universal Weapon Tuning’

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Gears 5
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The good news just keeps on rolling for Gears fans on PC. Not only is Gears 5 coming to Steam, and not only will there be no uber-expensive season pass or map packs, but we’re also being treated to 60Hz multiplayer servers. That’s really not bad for a game of this ilk and bodes well for Gears 5’s multiplayer prospects.

A 60Hz server tick rate means the servers send data to the player 60 times per second, ensuring there’s only a 16.6ms delay between what you’re seeing and what the server is sending. Pair this up with a locked 60fps frame rate and you’ve got performance and server parity. Microsoft and The Coalition appear to be going in quite hard on building an eSports scene around Gears 5 so this probably a must for the team. 

On top of this, The Coalition has confirmed Gears 5, unlike Gears of War 4, will have Universal Weapon Tuning. This means the weapons are going to be balanced the same whether you’re playing ranked or casual multiplayer.

And last but not least, some new gameplay footage from Gears 5. Now, there are few things more boring than a game tutorial, although watching someone else play through one is somehow even more tedious. Still, The Coalition has also provided a new Gears 5 ‘Bootcamp’ video which takes a look at the specially designed arena where players can practice their skills and learn new game mechanics before heading into the bloodthirsty work on online deathmatches.

The official PC specs for Gears 5 were released a little over a week ago. It’s a mighty demanding game if you want to get it looking its absolute best, although you can get the full rundown of Gears of War 5’s system requirements here.