No RTX 2080 Ti Super Release


We have already been treated to a look at the RTX 2060 Super and RTX 2070 Super gaming performances and the types of benchmarks they are capable of achieving. And inbound is the RTX 2080 Super later this month.

These Super cards came in to replace and boost the original RTX range. But the flagship of the range is the RTX 2080 Ti and this has not been marked as getting an RTX 2080 Ti Super version to replace it.

And so while the RTX 2080 Super isnt out until the end of this month, people have got to thinking, perhaps the RTX 2080 Ti Super will be out in a month or two. Well currently there are no plans for releasing an RTX 2080 Ti Super Nvidia graphics card.

And while Nvidia themselves have stated that this 2080 Ti Super is not on the roadmap at a press conference, you can never completely write these things off. And if AMD have any more big GPUs to announce within their RX 5000 range i wouldnt be surprised if miraculously, against all the odds th tech team at Nvidia have managed to manipulate time and space to bring us an RTX 2080 Ti Super.

But the official stance is, no Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti Super will be released, ever.

Same goes for the RTX 2070 Ti Super, before you ask.