Up For Debate – Which gaming franchise would you love to see adapted for TV?

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The Witcher III
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Netflix teased out the first images from its upcoming original series based on The Witcher early last week. It’s become apparent we’re getting very close to this series becoming a reality and hitting our small screens. 

Henry Cavill is beginning to look the part as Geralt of Rivia himself, even if he’s wearing a pair of jeans for some reason. Somehow Levi Strauss managed to make his way to the fictional world of The Continent. Or, as a few warped people somehow seem to think, a historical version of Eastern Europe and all authenticity that entails. 

We also got a peek at Anya Cholotra as Yennefer and Freya Allan as a young Ciri.

So that’s The Witcher becoming reality then, which should be plenty exciting to see. It’s Netflix, so the odds of it being great or terrible is basically a coin flip but that’s all part of the fun.

It has fired up a few exciting ideas in our minds though, tempting us to dream about which video game franchises we’d most like to see adapted into a television series, such as Half-Half-Life, a prequel to Half-Life starring a young Gordon Freeman studying a masters degree in Medical Radiation Sciences as he gets into all sorts of hijinks with an amorous headcrab, or a TV version of every Telltale series so we never have to worry about being unable to ever play them again.

Personally, I’m still holding out hope for a Metal Gear Solid TV series. I want entire episodes dedicated to codec conversations. I want the intro credits to solely be Snake puffing an entire cigarette. I want to know what happened to Mother Base, and how did Revolver Ocelot become such a psycho? Just think of the questions we could get answered. Sadly, I think it’s never meant to be. 

Enough of ours though, which of your favourite videogame series would you like to see hit the small screen? Let us know below!