Rumour – Radeon VII To Stop Production As Not Competitive Against RTX 2080 Anymore


The French website, Cowcotland has reported that AMD announced the Radeon VII flagship graphics card is no longer competitive in terms of production value, especially against the RTX 2080 Nvidia cards and so it will cease manufacturing of this line.

This piece of news, while plausible due to the awesome new RX 5700 Navi cards released on Sunday, is somewhat light on fact at this point. And so is regarded as rumour until AMD make a more public announcement.

The rumour goes on to say that the Radeon VII does not hold up as favourably to its rival the Nvidia RTX 2080 and with the new Super RTX 2080 version releasing soon as well, it will not compete solidly due to unit production cost. Looking at the new Radeon RX 5700 XT, which is only between 5-12% weaker than the Radeon VII depending on what games they are running. The newer RX 5700 XT card also has a launch price of $399, whereas the Radeon VII is currently $699.

The newer RX 5000 Navi cards are also rocking the newer 7nm die size that AMD have now released, which means more performance for less build cost, compared to the multi chip Radeon VII architecture being used. And finally there is the consideration of the newer Navi graphics card’s performance per Watt being much lower when compared to the outgoing Vega Radeon VII.

What is interesting is that the Vega Radeon VII card only launched in March 2019, earlier this year and Cowcotland advise they were informed of the card being marked as end of life back a month ago. This is a very short shelf life for what is currently the fastest AMD GPU on the market.

So if you want to grab yourself one of the final outgoing current flagship AMD graphics cards, then you best hurry before they stop building them altogether and stocks dry up. But for our money we would suggest to avoid at all costs, as we think they top end RX 5000 cards will be rocking our gaming for the next year or so and we are likely to see a bunch more powerful Navis in the near future.

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