Disintegration Sci-Fi Shooter Announcement Trailer By Halo Co-Creator

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V1 Interactive development studio was founded back in 2014 by Marcus Lehto. Marcus has quite a strong gaming CV, as he was the co-creator of Halo and father of the Master Chief, while working as the Bungie Creative Director at the time. Today V1 announce, Disintegration a Sci-fi shooter and the studio’s first game.

V1 have been hinting about it since the end of last year, but now we are getting a sneaky taste via their first announcement video, that seems to be showing us a heavily armoured vehicle straight out of Wipeout. Its almost erotic. Like some new car teaser trailer. Anyway, it worked. I want to pilot that now.

And yeah it is a teaser trailer, as the game will be fully revealed at Gamescom on 19th August. The teaser trailer is at the bottom but first I wanted to show you this image, which Marcus shared previously. At first glance you it just looks like a beaten up post apocalyptic town. But there is a bunch of stuff hidden in it and Marcus tells us to look very closely as there is a whole story to tell.

So click on this image to expand it in your browser and let us know in the comments what you can spot and what we might really be looking at. Then lets see if we can explain how the machine found in the teaser might fit in to this world.

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“Robocop meets Airwolf as a dismembered warrior is given the opportunity to continue his war by having his brain implanted into a state-of-art flying machine.”

Imwhat –