A New Lord Of The Rings Free To Play MMO Under Development By Amazon Game Studios

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Lord of The Rings MMO
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Next year Amazon are bringing out a $1 billion Lord of the Rings TV Series, you know, to fill the Game of Thrones void. And the Amazon Game Development Studios has now put its name to the development partnership of the free to play LOTR MMO game that was first mentioned last September.

So it makes a lot of sense for Amazon to be pushing an MMO out in time to help gain some cross entertainment platform momentum from their, frankly ludicrously budgeted Lord of The Rings TV series. From our point of view its always interesting to see another big player come into the game development market and throw a wedge of cash at a game. The problem is when someone turns up with all their money thinking they can just quickly create the next World of Warcraft MMO. But we are certainly looking forward to seeing what form the new Lord Of The Rings might take.

Now I think its important to point out that MMO doesnt automatically mean World of Warcraft like. So many big titles tried to enter this space and lost millions.

Also its worth noting that Leyou, who focus on free to play console and pc game development set up a company in California called Athlon Games in 2018. Athlon Games are behind this development collaboration with Amazon. Its also worth noting that they bought part ownership of Digital Extremes, who are the guys behind Warframe, which despite its slightly lacklustre start back in 2013 has gone from strength to strength. And Warframe is a very popular 3rd person, free-to-play action roleplaying shooter.

Warframe is an MMO. Moosh together Warframe and LoTR and just imagine the sort of interesting things that could come out of it. Crossbow bolt jumping Elves pirouetting around like Warframe’s space ninjas.

So this partnership between Leyou/Athlon Games and Amazon, to develop a massive multiplayer online Lord of the Rings game could have what it takes. And looking at the type of game engines that Warframe uses we expect the LOTR MMO to be a 3rd person rolplaying action title too.

The time period for the new Lord of the Rings MMO is going to be taking place a long time before the events found in the Lord of The Rings books. Which could mean Silmarillion Online.