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Ahh Nintendo. You guys get it. You understand gamers in a very wonderful and particular way. And we thank you for it. Here comes the next Nintendo console, the Nintendo Switch Lite. We have been hearing whisperings about it for months, but today it has finally been unveiled.

When will the Nintendo Switch Lite be available to purchase?

It will be released on September 20th 2019.

How much will the Nintendo Switch Lite cost?

The Lite will cost $199 in the US. Which is currently around £160 UK, $290 Australia and €170 in Europe.

That seems like a good price especially when we take a look at the Nintendo Switch Consoles original launch price of $299. This is how Nintendo get it. They are bringing us the best bits of the original Switch and doing away with all the fancy bits, that are nice to have but not essential to handheld gaming.

This really helps the rest of us gamers, who havent thought to grab a mobile handheld gaming machine, sit up and take notice. Because, while I havent bought one before, I am certainly looking at that Nintendo Switch Lite launch price and thinking it might be what I put my next savings into. Screw VR, I want to be able to play a solid bit of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, while I drift off to sleep at night.

Which brings me on to…

What games will Nintendo Switch Lite release with?

Every Nintendo Switch game will work on the Switch Lite providing it has “Handheld Mode”. Most games do. Nintendo said they are going to clearly update their stores to show which games are playable on Switch Lite.

We certainly know that Super Mario Maker 2 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate have the Switch Mode.

So whats different between the new Switch Lite and the original Switch?

Nintendos Switch Lite is quite a bit smaller, for starters and also weighs less as well. The Switch Lite will measure 91.1mm tall x 208mm wide x 13.9mm deep and weigh a total of 275g compared to the original Switch measuring 102mm tall x 239mm wide x 13.9mm deep and weighing 297g.

Lets put that in a little table so its easier to see some of these comparison stats.

  Weight Tall Wide Deep Screen Type Screen Res Screen Size Battery Life Cost
Switch Lite 275g 91.1mm 208mm 13.9mm LCD Touch 1280×720 5.5 inch 7hrs $199
Switch 297g 102mm 239mm 13.9mm LCD Touch 1280×720 6.2 inch 6hrs $299

So the Nintendo Lite will also have a physically smaller screen at 5.5 inches rather than the 6.2 inch but it will have the same screen resolution pixel count.

So Nintendo Switch Lite can support all Nintendo Switch software providing it can be run in Handheld Mode. But that lighter price tag is possible because it will not have some of its big sister’s features. So if a game supports Joy-Con functions like IR Motion Camera and Joy-Con motion sensors and HD Rumble then you will need a Joy-Con controller in order to play it.

Will original Switch Joy-Con Controllers work on a Nintendo Switch Lite?

Yes. Joy-Con controllers can connect to Switch Lite wirelessly to run Tabletop Mode games. You can get a set of Joy Con controllers but of course they are sold separately and they will set you back around $69.99 or £69.99, at which point that price difference in the table above starts to shrink considerably.

Lite is definitely a handheld device. Its controllers do not pull apart like the original Switch and it doesnt support video output to TV, it doesnt have HDMI cables, it has no dock and its controllers are built in to the Switch Lite.

What is the battery life of a Nintendo Switch Lite?

Nintendo are saying that the original and the Lite are roughly similar in standard battery life, but the Nintendo Switch Lite would be able to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for about 4 hours on a single charge. Whereas the original would only play it for roughly 3 hours.

Ok so I want to ask, if you have a Switch, what percent of time would you say you gamed in handheld mode versus the other modes? So we can see whether it would be sorely missed if we went for just the Lite version.

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