Up For Debate – What Steam Sale Deals Did You Get And Do You Still Like Steam Sales

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The Steam Summer Sale is now over and lasted from 25th June through to 9th July. Since it began it became quite a serious game cost slashing game finding event for us PC gamers. To such degree that it quickly turned from a once a year event (Christmas time) to a twice a year event (Summer and Christmas time).

The reason for this is that by having all the PC games in one place and building up enough hype by telling us that almost all the games are going to get a price cut, even big AAA titles, whips us gamers up into a buying frenzy. Taking an innocent interested look would often become a “crap look how cheap it is for ??, and its only at that price for 1 day” leading to a quick splurge of cash, loading up our library with obvious deals for games we dont always have time to even play.

The developers love it because even though they make less per digital unit sold, they sell way way more in those few days than they do over months.

But, as these sales happen a couple times a year, like clockwork, and a lot of us have enough games in our library to keep us busy until the next sale, is it more likely that the routine sale mechanic is cannibalising the developers profits in the long term? As we all sit by at a new game release time, thinking to ourselves that we could wait until it comes on sale later in the year.

We have enjoyed a few years now of Steam Sales and it brings me to question whether this still works for gamers today, what parts do we like about the routine Steam sale process, and what would we like to see that could improve on it?

So the first question is, how did you guys find the sale this summer? Did you pick up anything and was it a  good “deal” or perhaps you have seen it better before? Place your vote in the first poll.

Secondly, I was interested in their meta game mechanic that they applied this year. The Steam Grand Prix. I started to take an interest but very quickly got confused and bored with trying to fathom out what it all meant. I think if I boiled down what I thought was happening I would say, if you bought something on Steam then you were in with a chance at winning something else. But I dont know and happy to hear what you guys understood it to be below. So the next part of the poll below is to find out if you liked their Steam Grand Prix and if you understood it.

Also it seemed that you could win games from your wishlists and so people were deleting indie games en-mass from their wishlists. Which hurt the indie devs of course. 

Word on the street is that developers felt that the Steam Grand Prix detracted from what was important, and thats the selling of their games and that this Summer Sale was something of a mess. However, I get the idea that this meta game inclusion into the Steam sales is likely to keep returning. But what do you guys think?

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“I didnt even turn on steam xD”

Andrej997 –


“I bought Borderlands: Handsome Edition, Far Cry 3, Broforce, AC:Origins Gold, Total War: Rome 2 Emperor, Stranded Deep and Baldur’s Gate.I will enjoy these games for a long long time but honestly the Grand Prix was borderline insulting. It was mostly broken especially for the first few days,…”

Ozone9012 –


“Grabbed a couple of VR games. I did participate in the grand prix even though I didn’t fully understand it. At least I levelled my steam acc to 80+ lol.”

XxMineJoshxX –