Kingdom Under Fire 2 is Not Cancelled Anymore And Releasing To The West This Year

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Kingdom Under Fire 2
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Great fanfare for incredibly patient fans of MMOs, focusing on mass battle and demon lords with cute-boy anime haircuts! Okay, I admit that’s a pretty limited demographic. But who knows, maybe Gameforge’s recent announcement that they’re not just necro-ing Kingdom Under Fire 2, the army-controlling, Sauron-like-grunt-mashing multiplayer war ‘em up that had previously only seen a brief glimmer of pre-release life over a decade ago, will have the fans rally and return. 

However, Gameforge arent even showing Kingdom Under Fire 2 on their own game site, making their announcement of release later this year harder to swallow.

What is Kingdom Under Fire 2? A persistent online game of Korean developer origins. This isnt really a massive multiplayer online game, more a cooperative with a couple of friends. Its a cross between Toital War games and Dynasty Warriors. But really leaning towards Dynasty warriors, in the sense that you and your friends can take on the role of a super powerful warrior in a fantasy army. It was big on visuals and when announced it was a mouthwatering proposition. However, it feels like that proposition might have got the better of it, as it was first touted 10 years ago. And a lot of spectacular games have come and gone since then. So do we still think it holds its big budget visuals by todays standards?

It certainly has my interest, and there could be something worth sitting up and taking notice of here. Gameforge have ambitiously touted a North America and Europe release for later in 2019, so we won’t have to wait long. Whether the long release schedule has allowed them to sharpen their RPG wargame into something amazing or if the dated foundation is creaking under the weight of today’s expectations, we’ll find out in the near future. Expect a tsunami of further details in the months to come.

Heres a video of some chap playing it, I think in Russian? I have jumped you forward to a point showcasing the strategy battle mechanics, as the person playing the game seems to spend most of their 3 hour play time changing their gear for some reason.