Trailer – First 13 Minutes of Control Shows Us somethings Up At The Bureau

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Control is a beautiful looking sci-fi supernatural 3rd person action-adventure that is expected to be out next month, August. Here we take a look a look at the first 13 minutes of Control as protagonist Jesse Faden explores the Federal Bureau of Controls headquarters in New York.

With the scene setting, we find the Control offices to be deserted. Apart from the obligatory dodgy looking janitor, to help add some additional creepiness to the proceedings. After a bit of exploring Jesse discovers the Director of Control’s body. But how did he die? Ok they show you that in the video below as well.

As we can see in the trailer (courtesy of IGN, by the way) the game uses this point to whisk the player to some action training tutorial. So we can see a bit about how we are going to control Control.

While the system requirements are yet to be confirmed we also have our new Low vs Ultra pages that can help give a quick idea of what you could expect to experience.

Developed by Remedy they are certainly pushing things and its always lovely to see a new big budget AAA IP inbound. To my eye the game’s architecture and style has something unique about it. The action looks solid, character animations are nicely choreographed, the game play seems well paced as it switches between paranormal investigation and action and there are a few interesting sci-fi touches.

RTX exclusive ray-tracing tech on Control

All in all certainly one to keep an eye on, especially if you are looking for a new IP by a well established developer. They did Alan Wake and of course the incredible Max Payne back in 2001. You cant help but feel Control is a smooshing together of both of those awesome titles. Not a bad gaming resume.



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