Total War Three Kingdoms Mod Support Is Now Available

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Total War: Three Kingdoms
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Total War 3 Kingdoms, Creative Assembly’s most successful Total War release to date, has just seen the release of eagerly awaited mod support. A staple among strategy fans, Total War has grown from strength to strength, most recently breaking into the Chinese market to smash franchise sales records with this Chinese history focused version of Total War.

Mod support is undoubtedly a welcome addition for TW3K players, as it will let the community do what they do best on games like this. Tinkering with the game, fine tuning things to create the game they and normally lots of other people want.

However, in a recent blog post the developers at Creative Assembly were quick to point out to modders that the modding process as a whole will remain largely unchanged from previous versions of Total War. In what may be disappointing to some, they have stated how specific aspects of the game are currently not moddable.

What cant be modded in Total War 3 Kingdoms?

Campaign battle maps and campaign map hexes. Audio files game code creation of prefabs, audio files, composite scenes and VFX for battle assets

So what can be modded in Total War 3 Kingdoms?

Well moddable areas of the game include things such as

starting positions, Campaign effect objects (referred to as CEOs) Database tables Battle maps Lua scripts Character Portraits custom models and animations

So you can also add character portraits, bring in brand new battle models, along with animations for those models, adjust unit stats and their supporting details. But you will not be able to modify the campaign map or audio files or specific visual FX.

While some of this may sound a bit restrictive, lets take a look at the types of mods that can and have already been created.

More skill points per level – As the name suggests, your generals can get extra skill points when they level up.

Enhanced Battle Camera – You can get the camera closer and further away in the battle view.

AI Wont Execute Generals – This stops awesome generals being killed in other auto generated areas of the game before you even get to meet them

Han Character Hoarding – Prevents the Han faction from gathering up any free generals from the universal pool, because the Han faction bonus means they dont have to pay general salaries and wont lose generals from low loyalty.

No Death By Old Age – Letting your generals live for ever

Unique Characters Can Use Their Special Units – So unique characters can recruit their factions special units

Vassal Fix Weird Treachery Edition – This is perhaps one of my favourite mods so far. In TW3K if you sign a peace treaty with a former enemy and then the next turn they attack one of your vassals. You are forced to make a choice. Defend your vassal and break your peace treaty, leaving china hating you for your “treachery”. Or leave your vassal to their doom. This mod makes it so the faction attacking your vassal are seen as breaking the peace treaty, not you.

Currently there are over 400 mods and the mod creator has only just released.

It also seems that Creative Assembly will be paying close attention to anything created that triggers copyright infringement. For example there has been a little bit of talk about Dynasty Warriors, so they are certainly on the look out for anything that might breach their Mod tool terms of agreement.

Part of the EULA says “Please refrain from creating mods that are designed to provoke, intimidate, or antagonize other groups, reference other IP, or create content of a sexual nature.”

Is there a specific TW3K mod you are hoping for?