NBA2K20 Announced For Release on 6th September

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NBA 2K20
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Welcome to the next NBA 2K20, by 2K Games. This is billed as the Next Chapter, the Next Legend, the next Generation but it will be out this September. Well to be precise, 6th September 2019.

There was a lot of backlash last year for NBA 2K19. It currently has Mostly Negative reviews on Steam with only 34% positive reviews. A lot of this came through from newly added micro-transactions and built in unskippable 30 second ad between game loads. People report that the game can load within a handful of seconds but you still have to sit and wait for the advert to finish. At $60 for a game this certainly upset a lot of people, so it will be interesting to see how NBA 2K20 tries to turn it around this year.

Regarding game play, this time around we are hoping 2K can bring back the NBA college and draft aspect of the career mode. and it would be great if they could enhance the crowd animations and sprites to build on the realism. Multiplayer in NBA 2K19 was also problematic with a lot of reported hackers and cheaters, poor matchmaking and little development support in this area.

This years NBA 2K20 also gets the Women’s NBA included. But despite the extra it seems like NBA 2K20 has a lot to do to bring the fans back around. However, it is the only game with the NBA licence, so if you want to sate your digital b-ball urges then you have very few options.