What Have You Bought in the Steam Summer Sale 2019?


It’s the droughtiest of droughts right now, both in terms of the barebones game releases and the blazing sunshine which is currently turning Europe into a burning hellscape while odd people on YouTube make videos saying climate change is a conspiracy. They’re usually right in the middle of that Venn diagram of anti-vax/Flat Earth Society/MAGA hats/People who say SJW, so I guess that answers that question.

Anyway, it’s dry, and we’re suffering from a gaming thirst. Luckily, Valve always use this moment to grace us with an epic Steam sale. We’re now knee-deep into the Steam Summer Sale 2019 and we’ve already established Corgis are over-rated, hares deservedly hate Aesop’s lying ways, and our bank accounts are now, sadly, empty. 

The Steam Summer Sale 2019 runs through until Tuesday, July 9th. There’s still plenty of time to pick up some gaming bargains if you haven’t had to chance to yet then, so we figured this would be the perfect time to share what we’ve all bought so we can help each other pick through the best bargains.

I’d like to start things off but I’m going to be brutally honest – I’ve bought nothing so far. That front page redesign isn’t doing anything for me in terms of finding things I could be interested in, so I’m all ears if anyone has seen anything a bit unusual to play! All the folks here on GD seem to have exquisite taste though, so what better way to find out the best deals than to share what we’ve all be spending our hard earned wonga on.

What have you picked up so far in the Steam Summer Sale 2019? Any unmissable bargains that you’d recommend to other people? Let us know below!