Classic Battlefield map Metro coming to Battlefield V tomorrow – Gameplay trailer

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Battlefield V’s riff on the classic (but secretly terrible) Battlefield 3 map Metro is coming out this week. Operation Underground is heading to Battlefield V as a free update tomorrow, October 3rd. 

Thankfully, an explosive new trailer for the map indicates DICE has given the map a significant overhaul, including a redesigned layout. Metro was a hellish barrage of choke points that really didn’t flow like a typical Battlefield map but its meat grinder carnage has become symbolic of the franchise in its own right. Operation Underground features a similar layout with focus on close-quarters combat but removes the tired old bottlenecks. There are now more flanking routes which should make encounters more dynamic, including one in which you’ve got to dunk beneath the water through a sunken tunnel.

“Fast, relentless action awaits below!” enthuses DICE. “Charge into the subway tunnels of a war-torn German city, using skill, squadmates, and shortcuts to survive. Fight your way to the plaza above where the mayhem continues.”

Two maps within a week is absolutely unheard of among the Battlefield V community, to be honest. We’ve all sat around waiting 10 months for a grand total of three new Conquest maps, and now two come along at once. Last week’s, Al Sundan, was delayed from June but, if we were being insanely optimistic, perhaps this is a sign of BFV turning a corner. 

In around four weeks’ time we’re also expecting the arrival of the free Pacific expansion. DICE has confirmed there will be at least three Pacific maps (including Wake Island and Iwo Jima), as well as introducing the American and Japanese forces.