Sony slashes PS Now price, offers God of War, Uncharted 4, Infamous streaming for PC gamers

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If you want to play the acclaimed PlayStation 4 exclusives but baulk at the idea of handing over the cash for a console, then Sony has just announced a major overhaul for PlayStation Now which could prove a tempting proposition for PC gamers.

PS Now is essentially Sony’s version of Xbox Game Pass. While on the PS4 itself you can download most of the games and play them locally, on PC yo played via the cloud so it will depend on your internet connection but, from mu can stream the entire catalogue of over 800 PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 games. It’s ally experience, performance is actually pretty solid.

First and foremost, the prices for PS Now have been slashed. Sony has implemented a permanent price cut which will vary from territory to territory. Here in the UK, the monthly rate has dropped from £13 to £9, while an annual subscription is down from £85 to £50 for a year. In Europe the price has changed to €10 per months and €60 per year.

The second big change is to the roster of games. Sony is beginning to throw the big boys into the subscription package. From now until January 2020, PS Now subscribers can play God of War, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, inFamous Second Son, GTA V, Bloodborne, and over 800 other titles.

“We’ve been in the cloud gaming business since 2014, and we have had many key learnings along the way to ensure we deliver a service that meets the needs of gamers,” says Grace Chen, PlayStation’s vice president of global services. “We want to thank all of you in the PlayStation family for being on this journey with us, and together, we are excited to push cloud gaming forward as the world of gaming continues to evolve.”

Cloud streaming certainly isn’t for everyone but there’s a library of more than 300 PS4 games here which PC gamers can play through a simple client if they wish. That includes the entire mainline Uncharted franchise.

Stacking up the offering here, Sony is clearly trying to up its game with Xbox Game Pass now on the scene. Microsoft’s service still has the trump card, which is access to brand new titles on day one. Still, Sony’s got an impressive roster of games which aren’t playable on any other platform, and there’s really and cheaper way to play them than right now, using this service.

There’s a week-long trial for first time users which you can find here.