Arise: A Simple Story looks to be an enchanting journey through life and limbo

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Arise: A Simple Story

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UPDATE: And a little sting in the tail for Arise: A Simple Story, a charming little adventure which was announced last week. Techland Publishing has announced that Arise: A Simple Story will be an Epic Games Store exclusive when it comes to PC.

Techland also sent along a release date, confirming Arise will arrive on December 3rd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

We should imagine this takes Arise: A Simple Story off a few PC gamers’ wishlists, what with it launching on the current target of the angry mob’s ire. Like most Epic Store exclusives, we expect Arise to come to Steam and other storefronts exactly one year later.

There is one final point of note as well. Arise: A Simple Story is the first game published by Techland to be an Epic Games Store exclusive. This does now raise the prospect that 2020’s Dying Light 2 could follow a similar fate. It won’t be of much concern to most folks but those vehemently opposed to the Epic store could find themselves having to wait a little before picking up Dying Light 2.

Nothing relating to Dying Light 2’s PC release has actually been confirmed by Techland just yet, although we do now know there is the possibility they could have their heads turned by Epic’s lucre.

Original Story: 28-Sep-2019 – Arise: A Simple Story looks to be an enchanting journey through life and limbo

Tucked away in Sony’s State of Play showcase was the reveal of Arise: A Simple Story, a quaint looking adventure about love and loss which is set to come to PlayStation 4 and PC.

Published by Techland (Dying Light) and developed by Piccolo Studio, Arise: A Simple Story reminds us quite a bit of the fantastic Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Piccolo are promising a “deeply personal story” in which our protagonist wakes up in limbo, atop a funeral pyre. A light is flickering atop a distance snow-capped mountain, and so begins one man’s journey from life into death, traversing his memories along the way.

“One of our goals with Arise was to make this odyssey memorable and constantly surprising,” explains Alexis Corominas, general manager at Piccolo Studio. “We turned our hero’s rich life experience into beautiful landscapes, which will shift along with your emotional state as you roam through varied environments that reflect the current tone of the narrative. As the story unfolds, your power to manipulate time also transforms to fit the moments you’re reliving.”

There’s no release date just yet but Arise: A Simply Story but it has been rated for both PlayStation 4 and PC.