Call of Duty: Mobile will be playable on PC with mouse and keyboard from tomorrow


If the prospect of spending anywhere from £50 to £85 on a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has you recoiling in offer, there is a far cheaper alternative about to come your way. Free, in fact, as Call of Duty: Mobile launches tomorrow and, in a surprise move, will also be playable on PC with a mouse and keyboard.

All you need is the Android emulator GameLoop and you can enjoy the official Call of Duty: Mobile experienced on PC from tomorrow. We’d imagine the system requirements will be ridiculously low when we consider COD:M is designed to work on mobile devices, meaning this could be a great way to get your Call of Duty fix on a laptop or low-end device.

As for what Call of Duty: Mobile includes, it’s a F2P first-person shooter developed by Tencent that includes a variety of classic maps, weapons, modes, and characters (COD has no ‘classic’ characters but I digress) from the Call of Duty PC series.

It goes without saying that this game is probably monetised to hell and back, so be warned. There are at least two currencies, a battle pass, and a battle royale mode.

On PC you’ll obviously also benefit from mouse and keyboard support, as well as wider field of view, all of which should lend you a horrendous competitive advantage over touchscreen users. It sounds tantamount to cheating, to be honest, but plenty of folks seem to get kicks from that anyway.

Call of Duty: Mobile comes to GameLoop from October 1st and you can download it for yourself from right over here.