Nvidia launches RTX Broadcast Engine with Tensor-powered greenscreen for streamers


Streamers, take note. Nvidia has just announced the RTX Broadcast Engine, a mightily impressive RTX-accelerated software development kit designed to utilise AI for live-stream gaming. 

Broadcast Engine is all powered by the Tensor Cores found on RTX GPUs, enabling virtual greenscreens to be created, real-time style filters, and augmented reality effects such as 3D animation.

The star of the show is undoubtedly the RTX Greenscreen though. This pretty much negates the need for any GeForce RTX owners interested in streaming from having to fork out for a greenscreen setup. Nvidia’s AI tools detect the user’s face and body and then removes the background in real-time. You can then add in gameplay in the background or your own custom videos. 

RTX Broadcast Engine’s RTX Style Filters seem a little on the pointless side though, enabling users to train and customise filters to overlay on the stream. If you’re streaming Overwatch then you could feed it a screenshot of some artwork from the game, for example, and it will style your video feed based on this image.

The third and final feature is RTX AR. Nvidia’s AI can detect faces and track every movement, including eyes and mouth. This can then be used to enable real-time augmented reality effects, allowing you to control a 3D character directly using your movement. This seems particularly useful for folks you may be a bit anxious about going live on camera for the first time. They can broadcast but it’s not actually them on-screen.

Nvidia is working with Twitch and OBS on full integration of the Nvidia RTX Broadcast Engine. “NVIDIA has been at the top of my list when it comes to streaming and recording equipment. I’m continually impressed with what they’re doing,” said Hugh Bailey, author, OBS. “And their technology is impressive with RTX features like RTX Greenscreen.”

It’s not useful for everybody but it’s certainly a nice value add for the GeForce RTX 20 series and smart use of the tech.