Wattam, the next game from Katamari Damacy’s creator, looks absolute lunacy in new trailer

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I’m a big fan of Katamari Damacy, so you can only my glee once I realised Keita Takahashi’s next project, Wattam, is every bit the madcap lunacy of his earlier work. A new trailer for Wattam was revealed during Sony’s State of Play yesterday evening, and we’re pleased to confirm we have absolutely no idea what happens, from start to finish.

A grey poop certainly looks very pleased to be getting flushed down a toilet though, while the eyelids cry tears of joy when meeting an onion, although our sympathies go out to the balloon which is scared of heights.

Wattam is looking like some of experimental insanity; a little sandbox filled with a cast of inanimate objects brought to life so they can…. Explode together? I don’t know anymore. 

The official word on Wattam is it’s about a Mayor. A mayor who wakes up sad and alone, with no memories. Over the course of Wattam he’s reunited with old friends and makes some new ones along the way, each with unique abilities and transformations. It’s basically the whole idea behind Death Stranding, although it seems to make a little more sense here. “Learn to have fun again!” is the appropriate enough tagline.

Wattam is coming to PC and PlayStation 4 in December 2019.