WB Games Montreal may be teasing a new Batman: Arkham game involving League of Shadows

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It’s been four long years since Warner Bros. Games Montreal’s Twitter account has uttered a single word (since the debacle that was Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight on PC) but it fired into life yesterday. 

WB Games Montreal fired a Bat signal into the air to celebrate Batman’s 80th birthday, prompting some rather intense speculation that we could be gearing up for the reveal of a new Batman title. 

Four years have passed since Batman: Arkham Knight launched and a grand total of six Batman games are being given away free on the Epic Store this week. Combine this with a dead Twitter account bursting into action and, well, you don’t need to be the Riddler to figure out something’s being cooked up at Warner Bros. 

The brief footage which WB Games Montreal shared on Twitter shows four glyphs being briefly overlaid on the Bat Signal, pointing towards the involvement of Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Shadows organisation.

Is WB Montreal teasing a potential Batman announcement? Or is this merely a celebration of Bruce Wayne’s grand old 80th birthday? Apart from sitting around and twiddling our thumbs, we won’t actually know until some sort of announcement is made.