Terminator: Resistance announced, and it’s based on the movies which aren’t terrible

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Terminator: Resistance

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The Terminator franchise and bad videogame adaptations go together like cheese and fine wine, they’re bloody inseparable. Next up to try and have a go at not making a complete mess of what should be a mightily straightforward franchise to translate to games is publisher Reef Entertainment, which has just announced Terminator: Resistance.

Terminator: Resistance is a single-player first-person shooter developed by Teyon, a Polish studio who helped develop the abominable Rambo: The Video Game, as well as esteemed classics like 101 Dino Pets 3D, 1001 Touch Games, Florist Shop, 101 Otter Pets, Pet Hotel Tycoon and, most recently, 30-in-1 Game Collection Volume 2 for Nintendo Switch. Right now, alarm bells should be ringing in your head. Everyone’s got the chance to come good sometimes though, and perhaps Terminator Resistance is Treyon’s time. The word ‘perhaps’ cannot be emphasised any more.

Reef has said Terminator: Resistance will be an original story based on The Terminator and T2: Judgment Day movies. It’s set 30 years after the events of Judgment Day, in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, slap bang in the middle of the Future War.

We’ve also been treated to an announcement trailer as well, showcasing our first look at footage from Terminator: Judgment. It’s almost quite endearing, in a way, looking like a really good Fallout 4 mod. I definitely need to have a word with Paramount Pictures because if I knew getting hold of the Terminator license was this easy I’d have done it years ago.

If you can’t wait to embody the Terminator’s metallic husk you haven’t got too long to wait – Terminator: Resistance is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 15th in Europe and December 3rd in North America. We’ve no idea why the extra wait for a Stateside release but we’re sure it’ll be worth the wait!