Behold the Ice Worm in Subnautica: Below Zero’s mammoth Early Access update

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Subnautica: Below Zero

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Subnautica’s standalone Below Zero expansion continues to build in scope and ferocity during its time in Steam Early Access. The latest update adds the almighty Ice Worm into a mix, a slithering monster that’s a fair bit bigger than your typical earthworm. It’s so big it’s been called a leviathan, and taking on one of these as you trot around the Arctic Spires looks to be no mean feat.

It’s all part of a larger update to Subnautica: Below Zero Early Access which allows players to explore the Lilypad Islands, investigate a Frozen Creature Site, tackle some new story beats as the mid-game is fleshed out, and size up the Pengwings who will now change their behaviour based on the weather.

The Lilypad Islands look absolutely stunning, I’ve got to say. They’re basically these giant floating lilypads with earth attached to the bottom. Each can harbour essential resources as well unique creatures such as the Lily Paddler.

Down in the Frozen Creature Site one hell of a menace lurks as well. This Leviathan-class creature is encased in ice, for now, although we don’t expect it to stay that way forever.

There’s something truly terrifying about being trapped in the infinite depths, and yet people have lined up in their hundreds of thousands to get involved with Subnautica’s addictive blend of exploration, scavenging, and crafting, deep below the surface of an alien planet. Below Zero looks to build on that highly successful formula and I’m keen to give it a go, although the Early Access model has never sat well with me. I prefer to wait it out until the final product’s ready before diving in and experiencing it all at once.

Subnautica: Below Zero is out via Steam Early Access right now, with a proper launch expected at some point in 2020.