Call of Duty’s Sept 21st open beta will include Ground War mode supporting 32×32 battles

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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64 person battles (32×32) will be playable in the next COD Modern Warfare. According to Infinity Ward, we will first get to experience these multiplayer wars on Saturday 21st of September, during the open beta test. Gamers enjoying the open beta will be able to access the new Karst River Quarry battle map in a 32×32 player mode, known as Ground War.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare online gameplay also comes in other multiplayer flavours. Gunfight allows 2v2, and a 6v6 mode thats more focused on squad battles. People are also going to be keen to note that this version of COD MW allows for cross platform gameplay making it possible for PC players to team up with and compete against console owners.

The beta is slated to open on 19th September for those that have pre-ordered, but it seems like this Karst River Quarry 32×32 battle map wont be available until 21st September.

A few other points of note for PC players is that COD:MW will come with uncapped FPS, extra mouse settings, HDR support and ray tracing built in. But it will be interesting to see if RT will be available in the open beta. As RT is woven throughout the game, it is likely that we will be able to experience ray tracing in the beta, but we will find out for sure next week.

Call of duty Modern Warfare 2019 will be available on PC Windows, XBox One and Playstation 4, releasing on October 25th.