GOG Galaxy 2.0’s ‘Atlas’ update makes it easy to add any game ever released


GOG continues to ring the changes for GOG Galaxy 2.0’s best client, showcasing the new ‘Atlas’ update with a raft of new features which is really beginning to elevate the client above and beyond Steam in certain areas. 

Atlas, appropriately enough, is all about mapping your game library. As of this update, you’ll be able to search for and launch any game with a single key press. They literally mean any game as well. It pops open a window which not only allows you to search through your friends list and your game library, but also to search for and pull in the metadata for practically any game in existence. This includes artwork, genres, release dates, and review scores.

Using this new method, users can now very simply add any non-GOG game to their library. All you need to do is hit Ctrl+F, search for the game name, and click to mark it as owned with artwork and everything. You can then manually target an executable to link with the game, allowing playtimes to be tracked.

On top of this, GOG is adding the ability to sort by and show more information for each game (developer, tags, platform, install status, critic rating, last played, etc), with each column able to be added or removed independently, and shuffled about through drag and drop. 

GOG are evidently trying to give users more methods than ever to organise and customise their library in however method they see fit. It’s a smart move when we consider GOG is trying to become the PC gamer’s ultimate games hub; the launcher from which any and every game can be tracked and launched. These are impressive strides so shortly into GOG Galaxy 2.0’s beta and, having used it for a month or so now, it’s very easy to see how GOG could become the home of any gamer’s setup.

What are your thoughts on the changes coming in with GOG Galaxy 2.0? Beta testers, has GOG Galaxy become your default launcher now, or do you still consider yourself a Steam gamer primarily?