Six months after launch, Anthem is now available on EA’s Origin Access service for 5 bucks

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Six months on from its launch, Anthem has now officially sunk to the bottom of the barrel. BioWare’s co-op action-RPG has now moved into Electronic Arts’ Origin Access ‘Basic’ tier subscription service and can now be played for as little as $5/£4 per month.

If you’ve always been curious about Anthem but haven’t been keen to spend anywhere near full price then this is your cheapest opportunity yet to see whether it deserved its sour reputation.

BioWare has been busy trying to fix this particular mess in the months since launch, finally adding the Cataclysm update around a month ago. It’s been slow going as the initial few months post-launch were dedicated to patching out bugs and performance issues, putting the game’s content roadmap significantly behind schedule.

Ben Irving, lead producer on Anthem, also left BioWare in August, although EA is still insisting that Anthem will eventually become “something special” and has a 7-10 year content plan for the ill-fated sci-fi RPG. If you’re willing to take a punt of five bucks, there’s probably (a few) worse ways to spend a weekend.