Civilization VI goes battle royale with its 12-player ‘Red Death’ post-apocalyptic game mode

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Civilization VI

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We thought the steady drip of battle royale games was beginning to slow but apparently not – Firaxis has just announced Civilization VI: Red Death, a new battle royale mode for the heinously addictive turn-based 4X strategy game.

eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate are the name of the game in Civ VI, and Red Death drills down onto arguably the weakest aspect of any Civilization game – eXterminate. This is Firaxis though, the legendary maestros behind the rebirth of XCOM.

The basic concept of battle royale is present and correct in Civilization 6: Red Death. Up to 12 players can jump in to any one match, with the aim to be the last-one standing. There’s no building up your grand civilisations here though, as Red Dead is set in a post-apocalyptic hell-hole in which the oceans bring acidic death and the cities are nothing more than empty  husks. It’s just kill-or-be-killed on a map with a red circle, shrinking turn by turn.

Players start off with a base array of military units and a civilian. The aim is to keep the civilian alive or you’re dumped out of the game. Exploring the map can uncover new units as well as experience to make your current units more powerful.

Who knows though, maybe it all just works. Tetris 99 sounded absolutely daft when that was announced as well, but I’m off the opinion it’s somehow a better battle royale than PUBG. That voice-over sure is annoying though, and turn-based tactics is certainly an odd choice for the free-form, unpredictableness of battle royale and its shrinking circles of death.

Red Death is free from the looks of it, and out now, so there’s nothing to stop current Civilization VI owners downloading it and giving it a go.